Welcome to the Foundation Grants to Individuals Online Search Tutorial. The scenarios we’ve included here are intended to guide you in your funding search by providing real-world sample searches you can adapt to your own research needs. While we tried to include a diverse set of examples to familiarize you with all the functionality and features available on Foundation Grants to Individuals Online, we also wanted to make the tutorial applicable to your funding research. We’ve included a variety of searches that focus on educational support, from scholarships to fellowships, student loans, and research grants. We’ve also included searches that encompass foundations’ other areas of interest, such as support for artists and grants for special needs such as general welfare funding.

Take time to review the tutorial. It provides an excellent overview of the search controls and functionality of Foundation Grants to Individuals Online and familiarizes you with how the data is organized, which is critical to retrieving the information most relevant to your needs. Good luck using Foundation Grants to Individuals Online!


The sample searches presented in this tutorial use information as it exists in the live Foundation Grants to Individuals Online database, so feel free to print out examples and follow along. As you do so, keep in mind that each example demonstrates only one approach to retrieving information related to the question at hand. With a little creativity – and experience –  you’ll be able to construct an array of search strategies that get at the information most important to you. We hope you find the Search Tutorial a useful tool in your funding search!

All of these examples make use of the Advanced Search screen.

To view a sample search, click on the scenario below that most closely matches your situation!

Scenario 1—A Prospective College Student Seeking a Scholarship

This example demonstrates the value of using the Foundation Grants to Individuals Online indexes to construct powerful search strategies. The indexes used here are  Foundation State, Fields of Interest, and Types of Support.  Also incorporated into this example is the Boolean operator OR, which you use to broaden your search results. As you experiment with the samples in the tutorial, you’ll become more familiar with these features. And you’ll quickly grow proficient in designing effective search strategies.

Search Example 1


Scenario 2—A High School Student Accepted to a Specific College Seeking Financial Support.

The sample search in this section of the Search Tutorial uses the School Name(s) index to zero in on foundations that provide support for students at specific schools. The School Name(s) index targets students at high schools, colleges, and universities and is an excellent tool to use as part of your funding search. See School Name(s) Index for more information.  As you progress through the Search Tutorial and gain more experience with the search tools and data contained on Foundation Grants to Individuals Online, you’ll become even more adept at building searches that return the information most relevant to your funding needs.

Search Example 2


Scenario 3—An Undergraduate Seeking Financial Support for Graduate School

Many of the foundations in Foundation Grants to Individuals Online specify interests in funding individuals for the pursuit of graduate study. There are also foundations that provide scholarships in general that are not specifically categorized; many of these include scholarships for graduate study as well. In many cases there are also Fields of Interest that pertain to graduate and/or professional education.

The sample searches featured here each include Graduate Support and Scholarships-General as base search terms as well as other terms related specifically to each student's profile and requirements. Review them to get a sense of the flexibility Foundation Grants to Individuals Online provides to you as a researcher.

Search Example 3a

Search Example 3b


Scenario 4—A Graduate School Student or College Professor Seeking a Fellowship or other Post-Doctoral Support

Many individuals seek funding in order to undertake advanced research projects after completing postgraduate work. A number of foundations offer support of this type, and finding them is easy with Foundation Grants to Individuals Online. Both the Types of Support and Fields of Interest indexes contain entries related to these funders, so using them in your research is a good way to locate the information most relevant to your needs.

Although the examples in this section of the tutorial are geared toward individuals with advanced degrees, it’s still a good idea to review the examples contained in other parts of the tutorial also. Each section uses an assortment of methods in constructing search strategies you might find useful in your funding search.

Search Example 4a

Search Example 4b


Scenario 5—A Child or Relative of a Person Whose Company Has an Educational Support Program

A number of companies have educational support programs and make them available to their employees and, in some cases, to children and/or relatives of their employees. Foundation Grants to Individuals Online contains an index of companies offering this type of support. The search sample listed below illustrates how to locate foundations that fund employees of specific companies and their relatives.

Search Example 5


Scenario 6—A Parent Seeking Support for Family Medical Expenses

The search example below demonstrates how to locate foundations with an interest in funding individuals who require support for personal, living, or medical expenses. As with the other search samples in the tutorial, it’s important to review the indexes to become familiar with common terms used throughout Foundation Grants to Individuals Online. These terms are key in creating the most effective search strategies.

Search Example 6


Scenario 7—A Medical Doctor Seeking Support for Advanced Research.

Many research professionals require foundation funding to carry out their research projects, large and small. In this section of the tutorial, we demonstrate how to retrieve a very specific type of foundation by combining indexed terms with text searching and special Boolean operators. As you become a more experienced researcher, you'll be able to develop techniques like these on your own, which will help you find the information you're looking for more quickly.

Search Example 7


Scenario 8—A Filmmaker Making a Documentary

A number of foundations included on Foundation Grants to Individuals Online give to individuals involved in the arts and cultural fields, including visual artists, performing artists, and writers.  Arts funding is a highly sought-after type of support. This example demonstrates how one filmmaker targets foundations with specific giving interests in his field by using indexed terms, Text searching and Wildcard characters.

Search Example 8


Scenario 9—An Elderly Woman Seeking Emergency Aid

Many foundations target their giving to specific population groups, such as the elderly. Individuals falling into a category such as this benefit greatly by utilizing indexed terms in their searches. The search sample below demonstrates the relevancy particular indexed terms have for specific groups of people.

Search Example 9